While the iron is hot

I’m back from outre-mer! Outer-sea! Overseas!

Another vacation, another sentimental voyage. It was painful to leave – oh my New Yorkers, oh my Ithacan – but stumbling back into my lovely little apartment (with the luggage that REALLY packed a punch), at least I was coming home to Paris. Parting, such sweet sorrow! Finger → throat.

This was by far a trip worth reviving a dead blog for. =D Chinese New Year with cousins dearly missed, leap-frogging Manhattan behind delightful native-New Yorkers, lounging in Yuan’s room transposed from Singapore to Union Square, shuttle flights on propeller planes, SKIING, walking across arctic Ithaca then thawing out beside the fire of desire… (Kidding. The rhyme was too bad to pass up.)

It’ll take me a while to figure out what to leave in about these past two delirious weeks, but with any luck, the university strikes will last longer. And all this with another vacation in another fortnight! Ahhh. I revel in the righteous indignation that my passionate contemporaries feel compelled to demonstrate. =]

Ithaca’s gorges.

Gorge-crossing. The dear old violin’s been going places.

A bientôt, and let’s hope the strikers don’t stop till they get what they want! La solidarité !!


~ by grossomodo on February 11, 2009.

One Response to “While the iron is hot”

  1. Can’t resisit to be No. 1 fan again…..
    …back from Overseas’s oversea… home=S’pore, 2nd home, for now, Paris??… as in 2nd home, for now, Kaohsiung…..
    …so many vacations, so few blogs…..
    …Chinese New Year with cousins dearly missed, and mini-reunion dinner at NY pre-global financial/economic crisis prices to boot…

    …shuttle flights on propeller planes, at the margin of a stroll with ‘Meet Joe Black’….
    …thawing out beside the fire of bedside (just rhyme with earlier part of sentence, add a little d and a tiny dose of parental censorship)….

    …Ithaca’s gorgeous…..
    Have fun!!


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