In Italy, they call me “The Champion”.

The news yesterday was not good. Sigh.. I really, really messed up this time. At least it’ll give me something more to write about, when I have the heart to..

Meanwhile, so many and so much to be grateful for already. THANK YOU, EVERYBODY! Especially:

My rescuers. The kind man who saw me fly, hiked off the ski route and propped up my head while he called for help; the heroic Monte Bondone policeman who plucked me off the ground and snowmobiled me to safety; the ambulance paramedics, who took ages to get up there not because they were slow but because it was so inaccessible –

The fantastic four: Chin Yuan, Gabriele, Jevon and Rebecca, for hurrying to the hospital, keeping me alive and buoying my spirits that whole week. Renzo and Adriana for going miles out of their way to keep the most troublesome guest they must’ve ever hosted comfortable and entertained: il superuomo e la superdonna! –

My Paris team, friends in need, friends indeed – REBECCA, Terence, Jevon, Chin Yuan, Davina, and my wonderful visitors, who’ve kept me from wallowing (too much) –

All my family and friends, whose well-wishes and messages of comfort have shot this passing darkness with lasting silver. You are my heart’s friends –

The doctors, nurses, girl in the waiting room, man on the other mountain, man who sold us the crutches, Claudio, Maurizio, RyanAir, people in the street who stopped to offer sympathy –

And of course, with my deepest regret for causing you such worry: Mowmy, Daddo and Jie, whose love and wise words throughout kept me from spiralling..

And Hongwan, for being there, and here soon.

If things are hard now, they would’ve been impossible without these blessings.

Up in the mountains, you never forget how small you are. This was the last shot I took at the top of the slope..

..and this was the first one after.

Look at that extra glove waving an icy hello from my knee. Haha.

Ah well. Next post: less snow, more Carnevale!


~ by grossomodo on March 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Bravissimo”

  1. so DRAMA! I love you la. Very nice photos, and the last one is super “ouch”. OK stop wallowing! Haha. I don’t understand “the Champion” though. Did you thank your very first rescuer or did he disappear?

  2. Indeed many many big big thank you’s to all who have so selflessly helped our little restless one onto the road of recovery. Sincerely, we’re eternally grateful.

    A lesson learned, hopefully a little wiser too.
    Looking back, our first thought and greatest fear was: it could have been worse….
    But no worries, get on with your life, do everything necessary to get back as mush as you can of the use your injured kneee, and take a closer look at the ‘good’ one too.

    Ma will be on her way very soon to lend you a hand.
    You’ve not disappointed your readers with the spectacular views and the story of your ‘adventure’. When you recover the full function of both legs/knees, I hope you’re not put off to want to go back on the ski slopes again, but most certainly a lot more careful, not like how you described it in your “Memories are made of this”.

    Life is certainly full of challenges. You can now tick this off, ahead of everyone else, and tackle others coming your way.

    Keep up your fighting spirit. You have experienced so far a lot more excitement than what pa went through my whole life. As you know my life has not exactly been dull. You wouldn’t want to disappoint all your gaurdian angels with a feeble sequel from here on. So, continue to live your life to the fullest.

  3. Geez you guys.. Thanks man. Sigh. Yeah Daddy (and how eloquent you are!), I’m not gonna let this stop me from going back on the slopes some time in the not-too-distant future. Look how I learned from all my cycling accidents! Hah.

    Yup I thanked my first rescuer as well as I could spreadeagled in the snow, groaning “Molto grazie, signor,” over and over again. Haha. He pushed the hair out of my face and patted my head in farewell. So kind.

    At a dinner in an inn that served ambrosia a couple of days after, Gabriele’s friend Claudio asked us visitors how skiing was in their alps. So they sort of went around the table talking about skiing and snowboarding difficulties. When they’d all finished, they turned to me, sitting there with my cast up on the seat next to me and listening avidly. Claudio said sympathetically, “Mmhmm. And you, the champion?” Haha.. Nearly laughed my leg off that night.

  4. Liang Si, you must teach me sometime on how to write an unfortunate event into such a spectacular story… I laugh my head off reading your post and comments… =p
    Haha… How are you feeling now then?

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